Virtual Dairy and Pork Farm Tour

This webinar was presented live on October 14, 2020

This webinar was sponsored by Midwest Dairy and the Illinois Pork Producers. 


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CPEU: 1.0

Proposed Learning Objectives:
  1. Describe U.S. Dairy & Pork Farming.
  2. Identify two or more innovative advances in dairy & pork farming.
  3. Name at least one action that can be taken as a dietitian to be more informed on modern agriculture.
  4. Describe one or more ways to help connect patients/clients to dairy & pork farming and nutrition information.

CDR Performance Indicators: 
7.2.3 ,  7.2.6 

Sarah Lenkaitis is a second generation dairy farmer from the western suburbs. The family farm was started by her husband’s, Andy, parents in 1983. Located in the incorporated village of Campton Hills, Lenkaitis Holsteins is now just one of three dairy farms remaining in what was once home to more than 140 dairy farms and creameries.

Gary Asay is a third generation pork farmer from Henry County. He has 300 crop acres in addition to his 9,500 head wean-to-finish hog farm. He has been very involved in IPPA, National Pork Producers Council (NPPC), and the National Pork Board (NPB) over the years.