Pathway to Leadership Program

The Pathway to Leadership Program is an eight month commitment that is aimed at developing the skills of future leaders in the nutrition and dietetics related careers spanning across district, state and national levels. Students will work under the guidance of various IAND committees to gain extensive experience in five focus areas.

  1. Diversity and Inclusion: Identify and/or develop resources for members that will be featured in the monthly newsletter that promotes diversity and inclusion. Interview members to identify best practices to support diversity and inclusion in the field of nutrition and dietetics to be featured in the monthly newsletter.
  2. Communications: Support the IAND brand through Twitter, Facebook and Instagram social media handles. Create an article to be featured in the monthly publication. Create webpages just like this one!
  3. Public Policy: Participate in public policy and legislative calls in order to engage in advocacy. Review legislative bills and provide recommendations to the committee regarding support for legislation. Participate in Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics action alerts. Promote and track member engagement in action alerts in order to increase participation. Students will also engage with their lawmakers in order to promote food and nutrition policies.
  4. Organizational Planning: Learn about how to operate a not-for-profit organization. Participate in the IAND strategic planning process including reviewing data collected and monitoring progress of strategic plans. Participate in policies and procedures review. Explore opportunities to ensure that IAND is remaining current and aligning with the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics in order to maintain the stability of the organization.
  5. Council on Professional Issues: Identify and recommend topics and/or speakers for professional education to the CPI committee. Identify and recommend potential sponsors and/or exhibitors for conferences and special events.

Student Benefits: Academy Membership Dues (value $58) and Spring Assembly Conference Registration (value $120) will be paid for by IAND. Academy Dues and Spring Assembly fees will be reimbursed in April following the receipt of a report from the students on their achievements within each of the interest areas.

2023 Pathway to Leadership Students
Hannah Squire
Gwendolyn Papke
Vanessa Keir
Nicole Putman
Joshua Ho
Kyle Archdeacon


For program questions reach out to our Pathways to Leadership Chair at [email protected]