Transmitting Your Soft Skills Through Telehealth

This webinar was presented live on April 22, 2020

Presentation Description: Telehealth continues to expand as it features improved outcomes in access, cost efficiencies, and quality of services to meet patient demand across multiple sites and specialties. With nutrition care via telehealth interpersonal skills impact the level of interaction and recognition of patient values. Social presence theory and computer-mediated communication models offer priorities for patient-centered care. Soft skills to enhance the quality of telehealth care delivery include preparation, verbal communication, non-verbal communication, relationship building, and environment. As telehealth becomes just another way to see patients and not a different specialty, interpersonal skills may positively impact students, professionals, and care outcomes.

CPEU: 1.0

Proposed Learning Objectives:
  1. Summarize how interpersonal communication and the clinician-patient dynamic relate to patient satisfaction and influence health outcomes with telehealth.
  2. Apply non-technical skills with verbal communication, non-verbal communication and relationship building in computer-mediated communication.
  3. Analyze the implications of Social presence theory for the assessment of patient-centered care.

CDR Performance Indicators:
5.1.1,  5.1.4

BHBeverly W. Henry, PhD, RDN, is trained in education research methods and spent the last 16 years studying teaching and learning in the areas of nutrition and interprofessional education. Education background: Higher Education PhD (LUC), Nutrition & Medical Dietetics MS (UIC). Interest areas: collaborative learning, teacher development, and person-centered care. Dr. Henry’s past experiences with dietetics education showed how patient-centered counseling strategies support therapeutic relationship building between clinician and client. In this presentation, she will highlight telehealth communication skills to help dietetics professionals continue to build those relationships and expand their reach.