Landmark Legislation Expanding Telehealth (HB3308)

Great news: Governor JB Pritzker Signs Landmark Legislation Expanding Telehealth Access. HB3308 was officially signed into law July 22. Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (RDNs) are included in this legislation because we asked to be included; because we advocated on behalf of our profession and the value we provide. Shout out to members of the Illinois Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics for taking action!

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Telehealth Services (HB3308)- Update 06/21/21

The IAND legislative team is excited to announce that House Bill 3308, sponsored by State Rep. Deb Conroy (D-Villa Park), which amends the Illinois insurance code to include telehealth services as a covered benefit, was approved by both the Illinois State Senate and the Illinois House in Springfield at the end of May. This legislation includes Licensed Dietitian Nutritionists as a covered provider.

This is wonderful news for Registered Dietitians in IL, and it is a direct result of both the Illinois Academy and your advocacy efforts during the Spring legislative session to persuade lawmakers to include dietitian nutritionists in the bill. We expect that Governor JB Pritzker will sign the legislation into law. Thank you so much for your engagement and advocacy. We will keep you posted as we follow this very important piece of legislation to the finish line. 

The full bill can be found here:

See pg. 11 for dietitian nutritionists licensed in Illinois

HB 3498 Telehealth Update 04/24/21

I am happy to share our big legislative success due to your laser focused advocacy efforts.

As you may know, dietitians were not included in the Governors Executive Order regarding telehealth services in March of 2020 that was issued due to the pandemic. This set forth a spiral of events that resulted in our exclusion from the Telehealth Services bill (HB 3498) that was introduced by Representative Conroy on April 13, 2021. On Tuesday, April 14, 2021 a communication was sent to all IAND members from our legislative team regarding the need to contact your State legislator to advocate for dietitians to be included in HB 3498. Within 24-hours of this communication to members our legislative team received over 100 emails from members confirming that they took action on this request. By Thursday, our Lobbyist David Ormsby received a call from Representative Conroy asking for proposed language from our association to be included in the bill. Within 37 seconds of that call (literally), David had provided her with that information. On Friday, April 16 the following language was added to the bill: 

The full bill can be found here:

We also learned yesterday that HB 3498 passed with a vote of 110-0! 

While this is a great day for dietitians in IL, our work is not done. This is proof that your voices have been heard loud and clear!  It also services as a reminder of the power of advocacy and an engaged membership to advance our profession.    

The next step will be seeing the bill through to the finish line. It will now progress to the Senate and if approved will be advanced to the Governor to be signed into law. While we continue to watch the bill progress, I would encourage you to reach back out to your legislators and thank them for their support! I have already sent my lawmaker a thank you note for his support of this bill! Thank you all for your ability to fulfill our call for action! This big step forward would not have been possible without you!  

Telehealth Bill - CALL TO ACTION (04/14/21)

Illinois Academy Members, We need your help. Now!

Telehealth legislation before the Illinois General Assembly in Springfield, HB 3498, to enable health professionals to bill for telehealth services, excludes RDNs from the bill

We need to change that. We need to include RDNs in the bill.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Governor Pritzker issued an Executive Order in March 2020 that significantly expanded telehealth services. The order included many allied health professionals – BUT – it left out RDNs. Insurance companies have complied with the spirit of the governor’s executive order and included RDNs in telehealth coverage. For now.

State Representative Deb Conroy (D-Villa Park), who is pushing the state telehealth services bill (HB3498) in Springfield, used the Executive Order as the reference for health professionals to include.

Remember, RDNs were not included in the order - and now we're not written into this bill. 

Our ASK: 

PLEASE contact your IL State Representative and ask them to ask Rep. Conroy to include RDNs in her bill.

Step 1: 

Use the link below to find your IL STATE HOUSE REPRESENTATIVE. (Note: This is your STATE representative, NOT your federal). You will need to scroll down to your "State Representative" once you input and confirm your address. See example below:

Find My Elected Officials

Step 2:

Call and Email your State Representative’s office using the language below. Please Copy IL Academy Public Policy Coordinators and our lobbyist, David Ormsby.

[email protected]    

[email protected]

Please Call and Email:

· State your name. "Hello. I'm __________."

· State, "I'm a constituent of (Insert your STATE Representative’s name)." 

· State, "I'm also a Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist and I want Licensed Dietitian Nutritionists to be included in HB 3498 for Telehealth Services. 

This is an important issue. Telehealth is not going away. It has proven to be a valuable tool. We want to ensure RDNs are included!

Step 3:

Add the 1-page fact sheet about HB3498 that is attached to this email and pass along to your STATE legislator.

Easy as 1, 2, 3! We are happy to support you and answer any questions you may have about the bill or about reaching out to your legislator.

Download: HB 3498 (Conroy) Fact Sheet