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President's Message

Happy September, NIAND

I am grateful to be stepping into the presidential role for this organization for the upcoming year. I have been a member since my years as an undergraduate and was delighted to be approached by Jen Kalousek over two years ago. While life has never been more chaotic for me, I have a wonderful set of predecessors to have learned from, and a dedicated team of board members to work with this year. Although I am still relatively new to the dietetics world as a professional, my life, education, and work experience have provided me with a strong foundation to build upon in 2022-2023.  

This is a year of firsts for me, as I am building my first business and officially leading NIAND for the first time. I just finished my first year as a mother of three and I am learning for the first time to say no to all the things that don’t feel quite right, but YES to the things that make me truly excited to pursue. Our three-person presidential team has already begun to dream of what the future of NIAND holds, as the dietetics profession and its affiliated organizations continue to shift with the change in times. We have some exciting changes in mind (exciting things to say YES to!), and while these changes may not directly affect what you experience in NIAND this year, I am thrilled to see what I am able to contribute to the future of our small but strong group.

My goal for this year can simply be stated as ‘communication.’ Expanding on that goal: I would like to utilize the tools at our fingertips more effectively. Yes, we will continue to email updates and invitations. However, social media plays such a huge part in our world, it’s a shame to not be using it to reach each other, as well as for outreach and educational purposes. You will see an increase in usage of the Facebook page (follow us and see a new Instagram page soon! Please email [email protected] with job postings, CEUs, dietetics-related volunteer opportunities, outreach, and more to see it all posted! You will also be receiving more regular newsletter updates, and finally, communication about how WE as a board are remaining involved in our community, and how you can join us.

Wishing you peace + nourishment,

Rachel Bagne

2022-2023 Events

Please join NIAND for our October meeting. Please see the  invitation for all meeting details. This month we are pleased to have a presentation on updated diabetes guidelines by Kelly Logli in the UW Northern Illinois (Swedish American) Conference Room, located near the Heart Hospital. 

  • November: NIU Poster Presentation
  • December/January: Social Event
  • February: UIC Resident Presentation
  • March: Eating Disorders
  • April: Pediatric GI
  • May: Banquet

2022-2023 Executive Board

President Rachel Bagne

[email protected]

President-Elect Anna Nielsen
Incoming President-Elect Justine Myers
Secretary Kayla Schimetz
Treasurer Sara Mattillion
Nominating Chair  Erika OItmanns