Update Regarding License Renewal Deadline

The Illinois Academy continues to monitor the Illinois Department of Professional Regulations (IDFPR) website for licensure renewal updates. Leaders and members alike have taken action to obtain information by reaching out to their respective legislative contacts. As President, I continue to make numerous efforts, as well as enlist the assistance of our association's Lobbyist, David Ormsby, for providing members with timely information. We have just been informed that the deadline for licensure renewal has been extended to  February 28, 2022. Click here for the official Variance.

We encourage ALL members to personally monitor the IDFPR website and provide notice of the extension to employers. Members should also continue to reach out to IDFPR directly with questions or concerns regarding your personal licensure renewal status.

Sara Umphfleet, MPP-D, RD, LDN
Illinois Academy President, 2021-2022