Academy in Action 2021

AND LogoPresentation is sponsored by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Presentation Date: Monday, May 3, 2021 at 12:00 p.m. CST

Presentation Description: This interactive presentation will highlight current activities and recent developments at the Academy and the Foundation. The Academy’s activities and successes in such vital areas as public policy and advocacy, malnutrition, media outreach and scientific research are addressed.

Proposed Learning Objectives: 
  1. The wide-ranging and lasting value of Academy membership for all RDNs and NDTRs
  2. How the Academy helps advance members’ personal and professional development through opportunities in leadership, networking and education
  3. The countless ways in which members are the Academy.
CDR Performance Indicators:
1.5.2,  2.2.3,  3.2.1,  3.2.2,  3.3.2,  8.3.2,  8.3.5,  8.3.6,  8.3.7 

KSKevin L. Sauer PhD, RDN, LD, FAND President-Elect is an accomplished educator and researcher, receiving the K-State Presidential Award for Excellence in Teaching; the Dawley-Scholer Award for Excellence in Student Development; the Mary Ruth Bedford Distinguished Faculty Award; the Commerce Bank Award for Outstanding Teaching; and the University’s Excellence in Engagement Award. He received the Kansas Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics' 2015 Distinguished Dietitian of the Year Award, the 2019 Mentoring Award and the Outstanding Educator Award.

A Fellow of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Sauer's extensive service to the Academy includes past chair of the Commission on Dietetic Registration; past chair of CDR's Examination Panel; and chair of the 2020 CDR RDN/NDTR Entry-Level Practice Audit. He was a director at-large on the Board of Directors in 2017-2020 and served on the Council on Future Practice; House of Delegates Evolution Design Team; Council on Research; Nutrition and Dietetics Educators and Preceptors Council; Research Priorities and Development Task Force; Code of Ethics Revision Task Force; and the Academy Foundation’s Healthy and Sustainable Food Systems collaborative. Sauer will serve as the Academy's president in 2021-2022.