Bump to Babe: Updates on Prenatal Nutrition and Baby-Led Weaning

This webinar was presented live on June 24, 2020

Presentation Description: This webinar will provide new information on the changing fields of maternal health and infant feeding. In the first half, participants will learn about updates in prenatal nutrition research, including the nutrients folate, iodine, choline, salt and probiotics. In the second half, participants will receive an introduction to the popular and trendy infant feeding method, baby-led weaning. Speakers will highlight current research behind baby-led weaning along with their personal experiences, current advice and tips.

CPEU: 1.0

Proposed Learning Objectives:
  1. Identify at least 3 nutrients of concern for prenatal health and their appropriate food sources.
  2. Define baby-led weaning and discuss the pros and cons of this popular feeding method.
  3. Discuss self-regulation and responsive feeding related to all methods of infant feeding.

CDR Performance Indicators:
6.1.5,  8.1.3,  8.1.4

CWChrissy Watters, MS, RDN, LDN,  is passionate about nutrition education, child and family wellness and family meals. She believes that educating parents on the power behind feeding behaviors will reduce mealtime stress and begin the journey to good nutrition. She is lucky enough to attempt to practice these skills with her own two young children each day. Chrissy received her Bachelor of Science degree in food and nutrition at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. She then obtained her Master of Science degree in nutrition at Eastern Illinois University, where she also became certified as a Nutrition Education Specialist. She is a member of the local, state and national chapters of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

NSNina Struss, RDN, LDN, believes a healthy lifestyle is more than just the foods we choose to consume. She is dedicated to assisting patients with a mind-body approach to a healthier lifestyle through education on intuitive eating, stress reduction and whole foods nutrition. She is a “non-diet” dietitian and actively supports the Health at Every Size® (HAES) initiative. Nina is especially passionate about women’s health including nutrition education for prenatal and postpartum women. Nina received her Bachelor of Science degree in dietetics from Western Illinois University and completed her dietetic internship with Tri-County Health Department in Greenwood Village, Colorado. She is a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor through the Intuitive Eating Program. She is a member of the local, state and national chapters of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Nina currently works as a registered dietitian for Hy-Vee.