Continuing Education FAQs

The Illinois Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics is excited to offer both live and self-paced recorded CPE webinars. Live webinars are offered during the Fall and Spring Assembly while the recorded self-paced CPE webinars are offered on our Continuing Education page. 

1. Where are the Learning Needs Codes?

Our new continuing education programs published on or after June 20, 2020, you’ll notice that there are no longer Learning Needs Codes listed. CDR has officially phased these out and is now exclusively using the Performance Indicators to characterize learning competencies. The CDR Performance Indicators listed on our live and recorded webinars will match with the ones you selected on your learning plan.  

2. When do I receive my CPE certificate after attending a live webinar or after watching a self-paced recorded webinar?

Live webinars: An email with a link to the CPE certificate will be send out 24 hours after the webinar ends. If available both slides and handouts will also be included in this email. Please note that not all presenters wish to share their slides or handouts. 

Self-paced recorded webinars: The CPE certificate can be found with the recording information, typically as an additional link. Please note that not all presenters wish to share their slides or handouts. 

3. Will I receive a recording of the live webinar if I am unable to attend?

At this time, we do not distribute copies of the live webinar recordings. If you’re unsure if you can attend, most webinars are recorded and will be offered the following week on our Continuing Education page. We suggest ONLY registering if you WILL be attending the live webinar so this gives others a chance to register and waiting till the recording is posted to purchase. 

4. I registered for a live webinar, but I wasn’t able to attend. Can I still access the webinar?

We understand that plans sometimes change. Please note that you have a deadlines to cancel your registration. If you decide you cannot attend a live webinar but have already registered, you can cancel your registration by emailing our Executive Administrator, Terry McBride at [email protected] 

5. I have a large group of dietitians who would like to watch a live webinar together. Is that possible?

At this time, we do not offer group discounts.

6. Do you offer discounts or promo codes that I can use during checkout?

For recorded self-paced webinars members will pay $20 per webinar compared to $30 for non-members. Additionally, ***

7. What type of payment do you take at checkout?

Payment must be made when purchasing webinars using a valid credit card.