Christine Cliff - Immediate Past President

Practice Area:
School Nutrition

Years of Service and Positions Held:
10+ years 
Publications/Bulletin Chair: 2010-2014
CPI Chair/Chair-elect: 2014-2016
CPI Committee: 2016-17
Awards Committee: 2017-2018
President/President-elect: 2018-2020
Immediate Past President: 2020-present
Favorite part about being an RDN:   
Being able to offer someone a nugget of knowledge about food/nutrition that they may not have known and even showing them how to create a dish that is stealthfully healthful, but tastes super yummy.

Hobbies or Favorite way to spend your time: 
yoga, core/strength training, walking/cardio, reading for leisure, baking/cooking, spending time with family