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As the State Professional Recruitment Liaisons (SPRC), we want to welcome to your resource page, Illinois Academy members! One of the many benefits of membership is the resources and networking opportunities. This page aims to offer some of those great resources we all need from time to time as well as timely links and information to help you with more robust presentations to shout out why Registered Dietitians are the respected Nutrition Professionals as well as help you connect with potential clients and other RD’s and DTR’s in the state and beyond.

Please share with us any other dynamic resources or content you’d like to see added to this page in the future – and watch for other great opportunities to connect in Illinois!

To your health,
Erin DeSimone, MS, RD, LDN
Kim Kramer, RD, LDN
SPRC Co-Chairs

Erin DeSimone, MS, RD, LDN

Kim Kramer, RD, LDN


Find a Registered Dietitian

Connect with the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics' voluntary online service to load your contact information and specialties to enable both other nutrition professionals and potential clients to find you! Be sure to keep it updated as your career expands or your location moves. This is a great benefit for marketing your services.


Career Resources

Although the career center is housed in the student section of, it has dynamic resources for students and existing RD’s alike!


Sample resume template for Dietitians


Speaker Resources

Link to powerpoint resources, handouts, and lesson plans:
Illinois Academy Resource Table (pdf)

Obesity statistics from CDC state by state, etc. (main page) (actual presentation) (presentation by ethnicity/state) physicalactivity/professionals/index.html (physical activity resources)


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